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80 20 100

Wim Crouwel Eighty-Nijhof & Lee Twenty-One Hundred Crouwel Designs

80 20 100

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  • Author(s) :
    Nijhof & Lee
  • Year :
    Amsterdam 2008
  • Language :
  • Design :
    Concept: Warren Lee/David Quay. Design: David Quay. Translation: Walter van der Star
  • Pages :
  • ISBN :
  • Edition :
  • Editing :
    Essay by Ben Bos
  • Illustration :
    Colour & bl/w

  • 80 20 100 celebrates two milestones in the lives of three people. In the first and foremost place it is a celebration of the 80th birthday of Wim Crouwel, one of the leading icons of graphic design in the Netherlands during the last 60 years; a designer who has had a lasting influence that reaches far beyond the boarders of this small country. As multi-disciplinary designer, educator, museum director and inspirator Wim Crouwel is an integral part of what many design critics prefer to call "Dutch Design", but as evidenced in the excellent essay published here by his friend and former colleague Ben Bos, it would be short-sighted to place Crouwel only in the context of "Dutch Design". Less prominent and certainly less influential, the second milestone is the 20 years that we, Nijhof & Lee, have operated as international booksellers for the art and design world. To celebrate 80(+)20 we have gathered together from our collection 100 objects indicative of the design excellence for which Crouwel has become famous. This small collection of original posters, catalogues and other publications is but a fraction of what he has and is still producing, and we hope that it contributes in a small way to the ever growing international interest and demand for his work. This catalogue accompanied a sales exposition held at VIVID Gallery, in Rotterdam (NL), from )October 11th to the 23rd of November 2008.

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