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Living in the Amsterdam school

Designs for the interior 1910-1930

Living in the Amsterdam school

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  • Author(s) :
    Ingeborg de Roode & Marjan Groot
  • Year :
    Bussum/ Amsterdam 2016
  • Language :
  • Size :
  • Pages :
  • ISBN :
  • Print :
    1st edition
  • Illustration :
    full colour
  • Publisher :
    Uitgeverij Thoth / Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

  • Published in conjunction with a large exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam of furniture and other interior objects designed in the style of the Amsterdam School, this book sheds light on the movement’s influence in fields other than its widely known style of early 20th-century architecture. With its captivating and expressive forms, the Amsterdam School was a phenomenon unique to the Netherlands, and its influence can be seen in an array of clocks, ceramics, lamps, textiles, stained glass, posters, and more. With a critical analysis of the school’s aesthetics and designers, such as Michel de Klerk, and essays detailing its commercial reception, international context, and preservation.

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