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Modernism: In Print

Dutch Graphic Design 1917-2017

Modernism: In Print

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  • Author(s) :
    Frederike Huygen
  • Language :
    English with Dutch translation in the back
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  • This book explores modernism in Dutch graphic design of the 20th Century with an emphasis on the varied aspects and meanings of the term modernism. Its publication coincides with the exhibition Modernism: in print at the Special Collections facility of the University of Amsterdam. The book comprises three reflective essays, on the periods 1920-1940/45, 1945-1990 and 1990-present. Modernism: In Print presents a comprehensive picture of the subject, drawn from the collection and the design archives of Special Collections. It interrogates the canon by including some less well-known examples of graphic design work.
    The concept of modernism dominates the discourse on graphic design. This book aims to recognize its often underestimated complexity.

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