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Keys to Rome

Keys to Rome

€ 12,50 ( excl. verzendkosten )

  • In samenwerking met :
    Allard Pierson Museum
  • Jaartal :
    2014 Amsterdam/Zwolle
  • Taal :
  • Ontwerp :
    Miriam Schlick
  • Pagina's :
    192 pages
  • ISBN :
  • Uitvoering :
    Sewn paperback
  • Druk :
    1st edition
  • Redactie :
    Wim Hupperetz/Olaf Kaper/Frits Naerebout/Miguel John Versluys
  • Illustratie :
    illustrations in colour
  • Uitgever :
    W Books

  • When we think of the Roman Empire, we think of emperors (preferably mad) and gladiators (usually exotic). But what does Rome look like if we try to escape these stereotypes? This book wants to show readers a different image of Rome, an image characterised first and foremost by the diversity of the Roman world. We can only understand that diversity if we study the Roman world as a whole – not split into east and west or into provinces – and in the context of world history. In order to shed light on the local aspect, the book focuses on three regions which are Roman in their very own and unmistakeable ways: the Italian peninsula, Egypt, and the Low Countries.

    Also available in Dutch

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